a local startup chapter of 'We Are Change' in the central DC area


July 20 2015

Hello if any come here im messaging from Los Angeles even though not really a part of We Are Change actively anymore I still like what it was about  from back in '08 when I was in San Diego just discovering ideas on 9-11.  Though I am ever increasingly skeptical about intentions of leaders and if a WAC member contacts me to remove this site I will but ill remind everyone Washington DC is every citizens land not just those there presently.. I currently have a plan to do another website probably here on webs since I haven't had problems with keeping these sites active with even very little input involved most of the time, so maybe I can post a link soon on here about that.. hopefully I can continue this WAC site though I need inspiration I guess. jairus

This will now incorporate Astrology into the changing or realization of society..  you can post whatever you like but im doing astrology the best i can..


new update after seeing emails about forms(messages) to check

one was from back in sptember so thats old i hope i can reply back to each one ..  

Funny    5-16-11

this is funny how i end my site here.. annd then all of the sudden i get tons of web form responses.. these are like messages pretty much in webs land..  so ok.. im encouraged.. i only needed someone that could discuss things with from time to time any way.. some one looking for that encouragement .. there are those in dc that are a part of the movement but have there own thing going on im looking to be a shoulder to lean on so to speak.. so all you messaging me.. ill assit you.. the best i can personally or think is the best i can.. welll anyway.. hope to get to all you messages.. and encourage and be a part of this together thanks..   jairus 

OK last post here.. 4-14-11

i am prepared to step down from this as the originator of this site back when i started it was to do something get something going when i didnt see anything at the time.. i know now that stuff is going on and i am on a search for like minded people that has equal yokes as believers before Jesus Christ..  Yes i am desiring to be a part of a sure truth to all of this.. this is not a veiw of we are change and please dont hate jesus for my grammar.. i am running out of time and i hope you find the truth leads you to Jesus the way the truth and the life John 14:6 so this is the last post on 4-14-11 i am going through a tuff time now and apreciate any prayers God puts in your heart for me for finances and desire to be with girlfriend now and that being risked if i am not with her soon.. so i apreciate listening to my real talk im looking for you out there thanks for veiwing if anyone is out there.. Jairus if youd like to reach me i have almost every way to reach me .. mostly yahoo email is nathanadamsjairus@ gmail and yahoo.com ahh i think youtube is www.youtube.com/nathanadamsjairus and well that should be enough i only add close friends to facebook or those i trst the relationship to God first.. so i hope your blessed and can help in this real battle that i belive God will finish and we are being refined for his glory and TRUTH to prevail..  THANKS    jairus

latest update now 2011 january 4 i beleive .. 

sorry for typin an lack of certain keys on my used laptop its suffiecnet   yea  you know wat i mean so i was last post sayin i was endin tis but avent yet and wit arecent addition of memebers i someoww keep ettin to sin up consisteently im tinkin ow could i  witout first reacin out to tose wo ave sined up .. i know Oskar mosqito is now eadin te meetup and im doin orribly keepin up wit tat but tis is mine my creation for WAC and im responsable for keepin tis oin or turin it ovver to someone wo will.. but as now present i ave some tins to say id like to invite yall all members to our first meetin.. not because i avent asked beofr ebut te last time i  was supposed to meet some form meetup and i m not sure i tink we met at t different areas and it didnt work.  i ll say im limited wit budet i dont support money for etin te word out. its free..  so we need to meet publically and casually and also not spend a wole evenin but a sensible amount of time  to discuss and allow concversation about tese topics..  tat first said ill try to receive comments about tis i need one perspn to meet wit me if all do reat but i cant ave  ameetin by myself anfd talk to myslef lol..  2nd i ave a topic id like to adress to members wo sould be ettin tis on a email sayin you ave tis messae as a member..  te reasonin beind state sponsered terrorism..  could it be tat we sould discuss te morals of te situation if say 100 were oin to be treatened letally or killed tat if you could kill 10 for tat 100 tan it would be justified..  yes ive been tinkin about tis and say tat its a reat corossroad in te discussion we ave a role in as citzen of soverin countries and resotrin tem to rits of citzens.. i am tinkin also spiritually i ave a country tats not of tis world but yet im still a citzen and ave to be fair to tose secular tat i properly represent myself to tem diplomatically so tey do not receive evil from me but rater a obvious reason to coose wic way i know best to follow..  i cant make you likee me so we need to be reasonous if tats a word.  tanks..  please respond anytin i know youll ave to click in email respond ten write sometin like :) and ten send to respond so if you do ill know tis conversation is two way but if you dont you mit not ave tat time to your priorities i understand im runnin dry myself from time to time i ope to be online more comin up soon soo ill try to keep posted..  tanks aain jairus  wasinton dc

update for this site

ok forgive lack of grammar whatever, i am now not available for current updates for we are change dc but id like to say for all progress here..  i personally believe things are so out of wack i am glad i have the hope i have personally and dont need to argue with these topics discussions, am at peace with mysellf and believes..  not waging war with these topics..  though many do and i see it important to not turn away from these but ingage and help them clarify their ideas.. i am studying the presentations of several main leaders in this movement and seriously think its a hijacked thing like in order to keep bad press off of responable people there gonna start justifying their actions by getting  ours leading model to dispell myths about the claims we make and therefore begin to wear down our moving forward of justice with their reasoning..  im thinking along the lines of justifying killing of innocents in the name of greater peril to their ideals agendas ..  its difficult to explain i speak in a mystery,  but i am considering how to end this site i have here becasuse i have a more important site id rather lead called  www.adamshelp.webstarts.com  so  i hope all is the best according to each of our standing before our creator and not the sudo matrix god wanna be the beast,,  this system.. of the depraved world..   i cant even according to my consceince express rightly here i expressed to Jared Denman about not felling comfortable represent wac and still saying what i need..  alright hope anyone seeing this are ok,  thanks,   jairus


As far as i know, this is the main Webpage at meetup .com so if people would like to still contact me on this site thats ok but im an assitant organizer at meetup.com and our organizer Jared is away for a while, so to let you know cause ive been getting messages in the form response..this is the main part of wearechangedc that is currently going on but i may be wrong if another group is out there i dont know about but if you go here youll see a lot better of representation although i still am on here , any ideas send me a message, i know leaders ive heard from but also if you visit the site id like to get feedback please if you have something to say id like to hear about WAC in dc....


ok im gonna get personal with this one although i strongly believe in properally represent an establishment like  we are change with all respect so  that said, i am not officiallyy leading we are change but i beleive i was told that no one really is, it like government is the people.  so to explain i am promoting this site still as i was intrusted to do persoanlly i am in the gray with a lot of information enough to put myself out on a limb for that gray thing, so until i confirm something it stays gray.  im glad WAC gave me opportunity and i hope that real people decide to represent their convictions and the fair representing of others.  but persoanlly i believe im a isolated case.  i cant expect to put my reterect out here on a we are change representation and be ok with that.  although we are change as a whole agrees more with me than most organizations, i can only fully represent myself at my personal site.  if your interested personally email me as im not going to publically post it.  so as a we are changer i see every so often like today someone joins this site.  at first im like why?  nothings going on, im broke and seem to be deflated for lack of real hope for changing physical things going on.  this is where my personal stuff comes in.  i beleive i can remove mountains but for what purpose.  this is why i am sstating im a part of WAC but cant fully represent it.  its a tool.  we can express ourselves and stuff like chemtrail and flouride concerns.  i htink this is important like buckling up in a car no argument intended but as far as what really important we probably disagree on and i may even not have all mysteries figured out but i hope im getting there.  im thinking about Charity but hten im thinking is my heart with it.  unless it is its not me but a sytem including a fraction of me.  i dont beleive we have to give up individuality to be effective with WAC.  i say that we respect the honor of such an organization and its purpose to express our concerns for secretive happenings in the local.  thats all i have to say ihope i said SOMETHING.  oh since someone obviously is logging on here, i have yet to receive assitance for funding.  although im tempted being broke to think of it as a way to help me out, id rather talk with possible small portion investors about how we can use my broke self to cheaply affect the area for this cause.  im thinking someone with a camera or that could purchase one although it would have to be given to the WAC group  technically.  ok so id talk with you about it, its like legal stuff so it can get complicated.  thanks members please email me soon, please, i know i may seem desperate but i kindof am.  like flouride in your water desperate....


Thanks for the views ive bben getting, even though people can give a lot of slack for what your about, beleive me i know, im getting it as i type, we have to remember to take all of our slack and not be distracted by some of these insecure people trying too pull us down by lifting themselfs above us.  if we do our thing mind our own business and stay dilligent regardless of what accusations somebody that doesnt even know us may throw remember we know what were about and to stand for our place responsible has to be protected because as i said some people are bound to take that but never to happiness so establish yours , i could take this more personal but im going to tell you that im going to take my responsabilities to another site that im working on, id like to ask any of my two members if they would be interested in working this moderater position?  id still be a member but im asking that youd understand if someone would like this that it needs attention that im entitled to show elsewhere as im persuaded to do now.  okay, so if no one comes forth you may see im not posting as much as i could be and this is the reason that im explaining here now.  thanks,    jairus  i apologize for the lack of editing for time purposes....

W.A.C.D.D.C. First Anouncement!!!!

So for the first post.  This is just getting off the ground.  All the kinks are being worked on and soon we'll have our first event!  Yeah.  Hopefully.  I dont have a tracker on to see if anyone has googled a 'We Are Change DC' like me and maybe found this ( I'll have to try ) but if one is viewing, Hi!  My name is Jairus and its been pressed upon me to begin doing We Are Change here in DC since none are here.  I've contacted headquarters and got the 'get-go' to begin setup.  So I join all of everyone around the world now willing to stand with a worthwhile group as this.  Although we may have different beliefs about everything even where 'We Are Change' is headed, we all are bonded by a real desire to help things where they are now and really be a part of that change we're desiring.  I'd like to thank everyone before actually speaking with them, at the Los Angeles group from back  in '09.  So thanks even to those that left to other places like me.  Bruno, I hope to contact you soon once it's running for take-off.  Soon.  Not soon enough!    
    Jairus Adams    Your Current Organizer